Complete management system for Real Estate Agencies

Minimize workload, maximize client relationships.

Dealing with Real Estate can get very stressful at times. Having an intuitive system that helps you manage properties, clients, viewings and much more will reduce the time you spend on the usual day to day tasks, and lets you focus on building your client base.

Fully fledged CRM

Realiom is your one-stop-shop for everything. But as you may know, any real estate business won't work without clients, this is where our Client Relationship Management system comes into effect.
Realiom helps prospect and manage relationships with vendor, buyers and general contacts alike. With reminders, automatic follow-up tracking, client to property matching and suggestions, you'll be unstoppable!

Listing Management

An extensive listing management database with a substantial number of advantages over the competition.


Realiom can create a full, beautiful website that integrates with your database. No need to update your listings in multiple places.


A detailed calendar which reminds you to follow up on clients, sales and leads.

Email Marketing

Don't miss out on potential clients! Using Realiom's email marketing tools, you can engage with your clients and keep them updated on new listings.

Live Chat

Stand out from the rest by having your very own Live Chat system on your website. Generating leads much faster than via email.


Realiom has been translated by professional translators into numerous languages, making sure that you and your employees won't have trouble understanding it.


Built in statistics that let you track listing popularity, email click through rates and much more.

Team Management

It doesn't matter if you are a sole agent or if your company has 50 agents, Realiom lets you set up personal accounts for each agent, letting you decide what they can access and track their performance.

GDPR & Legal

Since privacy is such a concern for many people nowadays, Realiom keeps this in mind. Your clients will receive notice of email-subscriptions, of their data-usage within your database and make it easy for them to remove their information if they desire.